So you’ve been waiting for that one special moment that will change your life forever and its finally here! Right after you say YES make sure you call your parents and family first before you stage the perfect engagement photo or selfie for social media 😉 Here are some top tips to #HappyPlanning

1. Make sure its the perfect fit…
Your beautiful ring is perfect but make sure its the right size! If its a little too tight or a too loose get to the jewellers as soon as you can – you don’t want to lose it. And while your waiting… get a manicure! Your finger and its new sparkler will be getting a lot of attention so perfect nails are essential.

2. Get it insured
There is no money in the world to replace the sentimental value of your ring but if something does happen to your ring at least you will be covered. In just one quick painless phone call it can be added to your home insurance policy or you may decide to get the ring professionally appraised.

3. Pick a date any date! 😉
So after all the “congrats” “let me see the ring” and loves likes emojis and hashtags – people will be asking you “When is the big day” before you’ve even had the chance to get your hands on a glass of champers! So pick a month, season or just a year to get around it, people will feel involved and you will be off the hook for the moment – it may actually help you decide quicker.

4. Decide on your budget
The money bit… yes it takes all the fun out of it but it should be the first thing you do before you start planning! You would be surprised how much money you could spend once you start and a budget will save any disappointment. Set a savings plan between you and deposit to the wedding fund!

5. Now you have a budget – start dreaming!
With the budget decided and the savings plan in action you are now free to purchase your first wedding magazine. However – your future life partner may have spent some energy working up to the proposal so do allow a little relaxation time before jumping right in! A good practical place to start is a glass of wine and the guest list.
The next stage is deciding what kind of wedding you both want – a church or civil ceremony? Is your ideal day a traditional affair with all the trimmings, a small family get together or maybe you’d like to elope? Are you dreaming of bringing your guests to a romantic castle, a traditional hotel or maybe an award winning restaurant wedding venue in Cromane overlooking the sea that can seat up to 130 guests! (ahem :D)

Remember the most important thing to do after you get engaged is to relax and enjoy the moment! Once you start planning remember that it is your special day and your wedding should be exactly how you imagined it!
#YourDayYourWay #HappyPlanning

Brian & Pauline

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